Tuesday, March 28, 2006

26th Annual Photographer Forum's Spring Photo Contest

I am thinking about entering this contest but I'm not sure which photo or photo's to submit. This where all of you com into play. I am asking for any suggestions from what photo's you all think are the best that I have posted on my blog. You can leave your suggestions in the comment section under this post. Thanks for all your help!!

Any one interested in entering this contest can visit:


Sunday, March 19, 2006

Screwing around in Photoshop

I was bored so I decided to screw around in photosho with a picture of a statue I took while I was working at a church last weekend during a little break. The first one I used the solarize filter, the second one I used the glowing effect. I thought the looked pretty cool!
(the photo's will be coming, apparently there is a problem with blogger today!)

Planet Photoshop


This is a cool little site that has ton's of tips on how to enhance your photo's. Most of the tutorials are quick and easy that even the basic photoshop user can do!